I did start this online project about collecting the pictures of the jetons that were catalogued by J.-F. Dugniolle in october 2014.

If you are a collector and if you have pictures from jetons which are not (or not clear) on these pages, Please email me and I will place them here.

My email is:

How to scan a coin on a flatbed scanner

The best pictures you make from a coin with a flatbed scanner (for scanning documents)

1. Put the coin upside down on the glass. The shadow has to fall on the underside of the coin. If you don't do this, the coin looks like a negative (Incusum).
2. Scan the coin as a colorphoto. Resolution 300 dpi or 600 dpi.
3. In your viewer you can turn the coin 180 degrees; now it looks natural.
4. In Photoshop or another program you can turn the coin a bit: image > rotate > arbitrary
5. Save as .jpg file

Which scanner is good

My Canon canoscan lide 100 is a CIS scanner; it is useless for scanning coins; the color is not right and the coins are not sharp.
My Epson perfection V200 photo - scanner is a CCD scanner and ik makes fantastic coin pictures.
It makes a huge difference which flatbed scanner you use. Read the following article about the difference between CIS and CCD scanner, or this Other article.