Le Jeton historique des dix-sept provinces des Pays-Bas(1876) par Jean-Francois Dugniolle. ✔Search on text ✔See the pictures ✔Buy the books.

J.-F. Dugniolle published 4 massive books in 1876 about these tokens, and now, more than 138 years later, these books are still the standard; the numbering of Dugniolle is still used to identify them.

On these webpages I will publish the original content of the books, as well as pictures of the jetons. It as an ongoing process; not all text is here yet; not all pictures are here yet. Whenever I find a new picture I add it. In the 4 books, there are almost 5000 jetons.

The 4990 photos of the jetons that are part of the National Numismatic Collection (Nationale Numismatische Collectie) are shown here by courtesy of De Nederlandsche Bank, that manages the National Numismatic Collection. The core of the jeton collection in Amsterdam consists of the pieces collected by the former lord mayor of Rotterdam, P.J. van Dijk van Matenesse. His collection was acquired by the former Royal Coin Cabinet (KPK) in 1917. (The photos of the jetons that are part of to the National Numismatic Collection will be uploaded later).

P.J. van Dijk de Matenesse - - - P.J. van Dijk de Matenesse
(Picture of this medal courtesy by Johan Mevius / Vriezenveen


New founds that were not listed by Dugniolle: I place them where I feel that it is the right place and I give a NEW number, which is the Dugniolle-number followed by an a, b, c etc. .
In book tome 4 Dugniolle placed many corrections and new finds. Dugniolle uses numbering like 571 bis and 571 ter. I replaced this by 571a and 571b.

There are many errors in the books of Dugniolle. Much of the information he got from auction-catalogues. The auction-houses make many mistakes, Dugniolle made mistakes when copying that information and now again I make mistakes with copying the texts from Dugniolle. Please email me when you find an error. The good message is that I already have corrected many errors.

If you want to read the full description of Dugniolle, you need the books. In the books, the historical background of the jetons is mentioned. You can order the books from this website; € 1.99 for the PDF (each; 4 books) or € 25 for the bookstore quality hardcover printed books, please Look here.

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